The Mountain Rescue Service provides specialized technical teams comprised of world-class guides and climbers who volunteer their time and expertise in the service of hikers and climbers who need assistance, in and around the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The team is ‘on call’ 24 hours per day, all seasons, with volunteers being mobilized for a full range of incidents: complicated multi-day and nighttime searches in the depth of winter throughout the White Mountain National Forest; technical rope rescues on the region’s many rock climbing cliffs; swift water rescue assistance; and lift evacuations at area ski resorts.





We need your help!

This volunteer rescue service depends on donations to operate.

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Confessions of a Reluctant Rescuer

Twice a year my phone will ring in the middle of the night. I’ll roll over and try to pretend that the phone isn’t ringing before finally relenting and answering the damn thing.

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What strikes me the most about Mount Washington and the Presidential Range is the unique and vibrant communities that thrive on and around this mountain, In particular the rescue community.

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